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“Telecare is the use of technology to provide assistance and reassurance to individuals who live independently.  It can be used by anybody who needs additional support to ensure their safety and well-being, and to maintain an enriched independent lifestyle in their own home.”

Active Telecare leverages cutting-edge technology to offer crucial assistance and peace of mind to those living independently. Whether you or a loved one need extra support to ensure safety and well-being or to enhance the quality of life at home, Active Telecare provides a reliable solution.

Our services are tailored for anyone seeking to maintain their independence while benefiting from the security and reassurance that telecare offers. Explore our solutions to see how we can help you live safely and comfortably in your own home!

How does telecare work?

Whatever your specific needs, telecare involves three key features that work together:

  1. Base unit device
  2. Telecare equipment incl. sensors and detectors
  3. Telecare monitoring services

Telecare Equipment Options

  • Personal alarms
  • Fall detector
  • Motion sensors
  • Smoke and CO detectors

There are many more sensors designed to monitor conditions in the home and detect potentially hazardous situations.

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